ETO Initiative

Equal Tech Opportunities

Developing a Technology Plan for G-ASD

In 2015, the district assembled a high school technology committee as a means of researching classroom technology integration and sustainability. Our committee spent a great deal of time researching technology implementations conducted by other school districts, evaluating various devices, surveying students, and holding community information sessions. This was done in an effort to devise a 5-year technology plan. The high school technology plan was referred to as Equal Tech Opportunities (ETO). Unfortunately, efforts to move forward with implementation were cut short due to budget constraints.

This school year (2018-2019), a district technology committee was organized and comprised of key stakeholders to research and devise a plan for ensuring successful technology deployments for the future. Aspects of our research have been focused on the impact 1:1 device access has on the teaching and learning environment, as well as identifying the need for a technology lifecycle management plan. Thus far, our committee has researched the history of technology in the district, reviewed presentations from several hardware vendors, and participated in a panel discussion with various school districts that have implemented a 1:1 program.

In April 2019, members from our technology committee including administrators, teachers and a parent attended a 2-day executive briefing in Reston, VA with Apple Inc. Three School Board Members were also able to participate. This time allowed us the opportunity to engage in rich discussions to help define our vision for student learning and how technology can support this vision.

More specific information from this briefing will be shared with our district technology team at the next committee meeting on May 14th. Our future goals include creating a plan, selecting a device or devices, number of devices needed, determining implementation and establishing consistent and intentional professional development. This information would then be presented to the School Board for final approval. Truly, this is an exciting time for our school district.

Original ETO video introduction from 2015
Video created and edited by Hannah Salazar - Class of 2017