GASD Annual Reports

The Greencastle-Antrim School District desires to be transparent in its reporting of financial matters in order to maintain a good relationship with the parents and community whose support is critical for our success. 
We publish an annual financial report each year in an effort to keep everyone informed about the state of the district's finances.

You may use the links at right to view current and past years' financial documents.
The PDE 2057 is the state required report while the Local Auditor's Report provides much greater detail, insight, and explanantion. 

Annual Financial Reports

2019-2020 PDE 2057
2018-2019 Local Auditor's Annual Financial Report
2018-2019 PDE 2057 
2017-2018 Local Auditor's Annual Financial Report
2017-2018 PDE 2057 
2016-2017 Local Auditor's Annual Financial Report
2016-2017 PDE 2057 
2015-2016 PDE 2057 
2014-2015 PDE 2057 
2013-2014 PDE 2057 
2012-2013 PDE 2057
2011-2012 PDE 2057