Charge Policy



The purpose of this policy is to establish consistent meal account procedures throughout the district. Unpaid charges place a financial strain on the food service department. The goals of this policy are:

  • To establish a consistent district policy regarding charges and collection of charges.

  • To treat all students with dignity in the serving line regarding meal accounts.

  • To support positive situations with district staff, district business policies, students and parent/guardian to the maximum extent possible.

  • To establish policies that are age appropriate.

  • To encourage parent/guardian to assume responsibility of meal payments and to promote self-responsibility of the student.


The Food Service Department: Responsibility for maintaining charge records and notifying the school district of outstanding balances. The Food Service Department is also responsible for notifying the student’s parent/guardian of low or outstanding balances.

The School District: Responsible for supporting the Food Service Department in collection activities.

The Parent/Guardian: Immediate payment.


  1. Families are encouraged to apply for free/reduced price meal benefits. Any family that falls into a negative balance will receive a written notification to encourage them to apply for free or reduced price meal benefits.

  2. Families are encouraged to pre-pay for meals either with cash or check at any time or sign up on line at Primary students may deposit payments in their classroom, elementary students may deposit payments in the locked boxes located in the pod areas, middle and high school students may deposit payments in the locked box located in their cafeteria area.

  3. Written notification of prepayment options occurs at the beginning of each school year, given to each new transfer student, and posted on the school district website.
  4. Families will be notified of the school Meal Charge Policy in writing before the school year begins and with each new transfer student. This policy will be posted on the school district’s website.

  5. All students: The food service office staff will communicate with parents/guardians concerning unpaid meal charges. They will not notify students.

  6. All students shall be permitted to charge up to the dollar equivalent of five (5) lunch meals at their grade level. Whether paying or charging their meal, students may select from the reimbursable choices offered that day. The choices will be the same for all students whether, free, reduced or paid.

    • A negative balance letter will be e-mailed to the parent/guardian once a student reaches the five (5) lunch meal level. If an e-mail address is not available, it will be sent home with the student. These letters will continue monthly until the balance is either paid off or below the established limit. Along with this letter parents/guardians will also be encouraged to apply for free or reduced meal benefits.

    • No charges are allowed for extras or a la carte foods.

    • A year-end letter will be sent to the parent/guardian after the last day of school for the current school year for all negative balances.

    • All delinquent accounts on the last day of the current school year will be subject to collections for payment.

  7. In May, of the current school year, if a graduating senior has a positive balance their parent/guardian will be e-mailed a letter giving them instructions on how to obtain a refund or how to transfer their balance to an existing GASD sibling or siblings.

  8. All Buildings: A student can only use money in their account for cafeteria purchases and may never “withdraw” cash from their account. At the end of each school year, any money left in the student’s account will be rolled over for the next school year with the exception of seniors who are graduating. (Please see #6).

Any reduced students who transfer from the Greencastle Antrim School District to another school district, and have a positive balance, will be issued a refund to be compliant with federal regulations. This is to insure that students are not charged more than the approved meal price for meals, which they have already received.

Any free eligible student who transfers from the Greencastle Antrim School District to another school district, and has a positive balance, will be issued a refund.

Every effort will be made to contact paid students, who transfer to another school district, to issue a refund or the parent/guardian has the right to donate the funds remaining in the account. If they choose to donate the funds they will be used to cover unpaid meal charges that were uncollectable.

If a student has money to purchase a reduced price or paid meal at the time of the meal service, the child must be provided a meal. Food Service staff may not use the student’s money to repay previously unpaid charges if the student intended to use the money to purchase that day’s meal.


Parents may contact the Food Service Office to set up a repayment plan to pay off student’s debt. Contact information is listed below.

Information for families if you need assistance with applying for free or reduced price school meals or need to set up a repayment plan: Greencastle Antrim School District, 500 E. Leitersburg Street, Greencastle, PA 17225, (717) 597-3226, extension 50505, school district website, “food services”, free and reduced, or e-mail:


Charges that are deemed bad debt and are uncollectable will be turned over to the General Fund for reimbursement to the Food Service Fund to be compliant with federal regulations at the end of each school year.

The Food Service Office personnel will be responsible for managing the charges and for notifying the parent/guardian of unpaid debt.

Original July 1, 2017
Revised December 7, 2017

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