School Gate Guardian

Please read the following parent memo regarding the announcement of School Gate Guardian by visiting the following link:

School Gate Guardian Parent Memo (.PDF Version)

School Gate Guardian FAQs

What is the standard process or procedure for checking a 1st time visitor into School Gate Guardian?
When a visitor enters a school they must provide a state issued photo ID to the receptionist. Any form of state issued ID will work (driver's license or non-driver's ID) as well as 3 forms of Mexican IDs. The receptionist places the ID in the ID scanner. We use a duplex scanner that simultaneously retrieves data from the 2 dimensional bar-code on the back while optically scanning the front of the ID to capture the photo and back-up data in the event the 2 dimensional bar-code is damaged or unreadable.
While this is occurring the system is looking at 2 databases. The software reaches out to for sex offender data while simultaneously looking at a local database of visitors.  
What if the visitor does not have an ID?
Admittance without ID is at the discretion of the Administrative staff.  Should the visit be approved, the visitor must provide 3 required fields; first name, last name, and date-of-birth. A webcam photo is also taken when entering a visitor manually, and background checks occur.
What if a visitor returns without an ID?
If a visitor has already been previously scanned into to any school in the district, their original visit will be stored in the central database software.  Therefore, the background checks will still occur.
Will out-of-state ID's work with School Gate Guardian?
Yes. Any state issued ID works.
Does the sex offender check cover the entire country?
Yes. Family Watch Dog has a direct interface written with every state's criminal database. They perform a nightly query so the information is up-to-date and accurate.

How does the time expiring badge work?
When a visitor badge is issued, it has a small red stop sign on the lower right corner of the badge. The stop sign ink bleeds through the sticker in approximately 10 to 12 hours revealing the stop sign.
How often do sex offender checks occur?
Every single time a visitor enters one of our school buildings. 
Where is it this data stored?
Visitor records are stored in the centralized database within the confines of the district's secure server and network. No data is stored remotely!!! The license # is also encrypted on a local server securing that data internally.
Is there any data stored off-site?
No. We do not store any visitor or student data off-site.