Committee Members

First Steps to Learning Committee

This program requires a lot of time, organization and commitment to make it a success. These educators give up their own time to provide this beneficial program to the parents and children in the district.

Committee Members

Chief Ed. Officer - Bob Crider

O.T. - Carolyn Doncheski

P.T. - Shelly McDonald

Read. Spec. - Jen Rife

Read. Spec. - Amy Wilson

Read. Spec. - Amy Daly

Read. Spec. - Brittny Paci

Kind. Teacher - Alicia Runshaw

Kind. Teacher - Kirsten Allen

Kind. Teacher - Karen Wickham

Kind. Teacher - Ronda Hoover

1st Gr. Teacher - Bill Doll

2nd Gr. Teacher - Heidi Myers

E. S. - Stephanie Short

L. S. - Caitlyn Hoover

4th Teacher - Jen Faith

Read. Spec. - Jenelle Wagner

Paraprofessional - Heather Zimmerman

Chief Ed. Sec. - Becky Runk