McGraw-Hill Textbook Issue

McGraw-Hill Textbook Issue

Many students and teachers have reported that textbooks will not launch on the iPad. This issue is due to the iPad blocking cookies, and pop-ups by default. To resolve this issue, please view the following directions:

Fix McGraw-Hill Textbook Launch on iPad

Below are troubleshooting steps to be used for accessing McGraw-Hill textbooks on the iPad

*NOTE* These directions apply to the Safari web browser only. To sign into McGraw-Hill, first ensure that you are accessing Classlink’s single-sign-on using

Step one: Allow Cross-Site Tracking and All Cookies

  1. Open the Settings App

  2. Scroll down and tap on the Safari settings

  3. Next, tap the slider to disable “Prevent Cross-Site Tracking”

  4. Next, tap the slider to disable “Block All Cookies”

  5. Lastly, tap the slider to disable “Block Pop-ups"

Step two:
  1. Launch McGraw-Hill using the Safari web browser using Classlink
  2. Browse to your course text books and open the link.