District FAQs

How did the district pay for the new scoreboards?

The scoreboard at Kaley Field was purchased by G-A MAAX with funds remaining from the overall stadium improvement project. This money was borrowed through a bond issuance with principal payments being made by G-A MAAX. In addition, paid advertising space on the scoreboard is helping to pay for the scoreboard. For a more detailed explanation, visit our archived news articles.

Why does the district struggle with the school budget?

Many factors have contributed to the tough economic times that we have faced for the past several years in developing a workable budget for our school district. Even though we have made substantial cuts and reduced overall expenditures, the truth of the matter remains that it has just been tough to balance our available funds with our program needs. Three main issues affect our budget: 1) growth in population; 2) rising costs to fund the pension program; 3) the state funding program known as Hold Harmless. For more information about our budget difficulties and Hold Harmless, visit our news articles archive.

How do we decide when to delay or close school?

The bottom line: safety. Is it safe for school buses to be on the road? Is it safe for students to wait outside for the buses (as it pertains to temperature and wind chill)? Before making a determination to delay or cancel school, we consult the weather forecast, township road crews and personnel from surrounding districts. We strive to make an informed decision as early as possible to allow families time to adjust their plans. Sometimes we close when we shouldn’t, and sometimes we don’t delay when we should. If in doubt, we always try to error on the side of safety.

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