Volunteer Information

The Greencastle-Antrim School District’s Board of Directors and staff work hand in hand with the Pennsylvania Department of Education to continually put our students first, both educationally and in safety. In order to provide a secure learning environment, all volunteers must complete a Volunteer Application Form, along with required clearances, prior arrest/conviction certification form, a Tuberculosis (TB) test, and Mandated Reporter of Child Abuse training. You will find the forms and instructions you need in the right-hand column. Please note that there is nothing in the Child Protective Services Law that prohibits public schools from establishing additional or more stringent clearance standards for its volunteers.

Upon approval, your name will be added to the District’s Volunteer List. Volunteer files will be maintained in Human Resources. For families with multiple children in the District, only one set of clearance documents per volunteer is necessary. You must volunteer at least one time during each school year to remain on the approved list.

Approved volunteers are offered many opportunities to assist within the School District throughout the year, such as working in the classrooms or helping on field trips. Our Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) and our many Booster organizations require helping hands to assist with various events.The opportunities are ENDLESS!

If you are in need of an internet connection, you are more than welcome to use a District computer, just call Human Resources to set up a day and time! We greatly appreciate all of the volunteers who provide much needed assistance to students and teachers through their participation in classroom support as well as special events and activities. Volunteers are essential to the success of all of our students!

If you have any questions regarding the Volunteer Program, please contact Human Resources at (717)-597-3226, ext. 50501.