Milk/Food Allergies

A Federal rule, Fluid Milk Substitutions in the School Nutrition Program (73FR 52903), ensures that students who get a milk substitute are receiving the same nutritional benefits that milk provides. The rule addresses the substitution of fluid milk for children whose non-disabling allergies or lactose intolerance preclude the consumption of cow's milk.
Under this rule, if a student is medically disabled, a Medical Plan of Care for Food Service (MPC) must be completed. This form must indicate the student is medically disabled in order for him/her to receive juice or water instead of milk when purchasing a standard Type A school lunch.
Students with existing medical excuses for milk substitutions on file (stating water or juice should be substituted for milk) and whose parent has not submitted a completed MPC form will be given Lactaid or soy milk. If you believe your child may meet the criteria for a disability, you must submit the completed MPC form to GASD school nurses prior to the start of the school year. The MPC form may be downloaded by clicking the link at right.

USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.
School Nurses
Lindsay Shank - GAPS
(717) 597-3226 ext. 40516
Kathy Hamilton- GAMS
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Pam Poper - GAHS
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Medical Plan of Care (MPC) Downloadable form for students with diabilities and non-disabling special dietary needs