Food Services FAQs

What if my child doesn't have enough money in his/her account when he goes through the line?

All students shall be permitted to charge up to the dollar equivalent of five (5) lunch meals at their grade level. Whether paying or charging their meal, students may select from the reimbursable choices offered that day. The choices will be the same for all students whether, free, reduced or paid.
  • A negative balance letter will be e-mailed to the parent/guardian once a student reaches the five (5) lunch meal level. If an e-mail address is not available, it will be sent home with the student. These letters will continue monthly until the balance is either paid off or below the established limit. Along with this letter parents/guardians will also be encouraged to apply for free or reduced meal benefits.

  • No charges are allowed for extras or a la carte foods.

  • A year-end letter will be sent to the parent/guardian after the last day of school for the current school year for all negative balances.

  • All delinquent accounts on the last day of the current school year will be subject to collections for payment.
Please refer to our Unpaid Meal Debt Policy for more information.

For your convenience, parents may add funds to their students' accounts through the SchoolCafe payment system.

How do I add money to my child's lunch account?

You may send a check or cash to school with your child, or you may deposit money into his or her account by credit or debit card by visiting SchoolCafe.

Is there a limit to the amount of money I can put into the account?
No. You may put as much or as little into the account as you wish, but please remember, whatever you put in will remain in the account until your child spends it. Although the system will accept any amount, the point of sale company requires online deposits has set a transaction limit of a minimum of $20 and a maximum of $100.

What's for lunch today?

You may view lunch menus online at SchoolCafe.

How do I apply for free or reduced lunch for my child?
Application for free or reduced lunch must be made online. Please visit for full details.

USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.