Rules & Discipline

Bus Rules

Please support us by advising your student of the following bus rules:
  1. Follow the bus driver’s instructions the first time they are given.

  2. Sit down in your assigned seat and face the front of the bus.

  3. No standing or moving on the bus while the bus is in motion.

  4. Talk quietly.

  5. Listen to the bus driver.

  6. Do not eat or drink / no chewing gum on the bus.

  7. Keep all parts of your body, and all objects, inside the bus windows and out of the aisle.

  8. No swearing, loud talking, spitting, rude gestures, or teasing.

  9. No pushing or fighting. Treat others with respect.

  10. Do not litter, write on, or damage the bus in any way.

  11. No drugs, tobacco, alcohol, or weapons are permitted on the bus.

  12. No live animals, fish, large objects, or glass are permitted.

  13. Any type of accessories (toys, balls, balloons, instruments, sport bags, etc.) must be in a book bag or bag and kept with the student (may not put things in the aisle).

  14. Students may NOT bring any electronic devices or laser pointers on the bus.

  15. Do not throw objects on the bus.

  16. When getting on or off the school bus, pass in front of the bus 10 feet away from the bus in order to remain visible to the driver at all times. Never walk behind the bus.

  17. Never stop to pick up dropped items while crossing in front of the bus.

  18. Be at the bus stop five minutes earlier than your scheduled time.

  19. While waiting for the bus students should wait ten feet away from the roadway.

  20. Do not distract the driver through misbehavior in any way.

Transportation: Discipline Procedures

In cases of unsatisfactory conduct on any bus operated by or for the Greencastle Antrim School District, the driver will abide by the following procedures:
  1. Driver warns the student of the behavior.

  2. Driver has discussion with the student after all other students are off the bus to discuss behavior and a plan of action to avoid further disciplinary action.

  3. Student assigned a front seat. At this point the driver will contact the parent through a phone call to inform the parent of the behavior and communicate what the driver has done to this point.

  4. A bus referral will be written by the bus driver and turned in to the Transportation Department, who will then forward the referral onto the building administrator. Driver will again make phone call to parent/guardian. Building administrator will discuss incident with student and assign appropriate consequences.

  5. Second bus referral will be sent to the Transportation Department, who will forward to building administrator, who will send letter to parent.
REMEMBER, transportation on the school bus is a privilege and not a right.