Emergency Snow Plans

In case of adverse weather conditions during the school year, announcements concerning school closings, delays, or early dismissals will be made through Power School, the district website, and the following radio and TV stations:
  • WPPT-92.1 FM / WCBG-15.90 AM / WAYZ-104.7 FM / WFYM-101.5 FM–Greencastle

  • WCHA-800 AM / WIKZ-95.1 / WQCM-94.3 FM / WDLD-96.7 FM–Chambersburg

  • WCRH-90.5 FM–Williamsport

  • WARK-14.90 AM / WWEG-106.9 FM–Hagerstown

  • WJEJ-12.40 AM–Hagerstown

  • WHAG/TV Channel 25 UHF or Channel 12 Cable TV

  • WJAL/TV Channel 68 UHF or Channel 10 Cable TV

  • ABC 27/TV – WHTM-TV
Announcements will be made in the morning of any day when weather conditions make our roads too hazardous for bus travel. School officials will attempt to contact all radio/television stations before 6:00 a.m. to make necessary announcements.

Parents/Guardians will also be contacted through generated text message, phone calls, and emails through our Power School System. Parent/Guardians may also check the district website for updated messages regarding school closings or delays.

If road conditions develop that require an adjustment in transportation schedules, announcements will be made through the same systems as mentioned above.

A two-hour delay of bus travel and the opening of schools will be decided by 6:00 a.m. on the day in question. This delay will provide more time for highway crews to treat road surfaces and avoid the morning rush hour traffic. When a two-hour delay is announced all classes (K-12) report two hours later than usual for school.

If the roads are determined unsafe for bus travel during the two-hour delay, district officials will make the decision to cancel school through the same systems as mentioned previously.
If snow or other severe weather conditions make it impossible to continue classes during a school day, the above systems will be used to notify parents/guardians of an early dismissal.

 Parents should make necessary arrangements for their children in cases where no one is at home during snow/severe weather periods. On most occasions the secondary (Middle/High School) will be dismissed first and then the Elementary and Primary schools.