About Technology

Powered by Questeq, the Greencastle-Antrim School District Technology Department provides service and support to schools and the Administrative offices in the acquisition and use of technology to enhance performance, ensure the availability of information for users, provide timely and accurate information about students, and quality support services.

GASD Technology Solutions
  • Are student-centered to improve performance while accommodating a variety of learning styles and better preparing the Greencastle-Antrim School District graduate to be a productive member of our local community and the ever-changing technological society.

  • Increase the productivity of teachers by allowing more time for quality instruction. Increase parental and community access to the educational process.

  • Increase the efficiency of business operations in a manner that promotes the application of realized gains to the campus instructional needs.

  • Are systematically planned and implemented for the maximum return on investment.

Equal Technology Opportunities (ETO)


To foster a culture of growth and engagement, G-ASD will empower student success through effective communication, ongoing learning, and professional development.

ETO strives to enhance the teaching and learning environment by:

  • Equalizing learning opportunities for all
  • Providing immediate access to information and digital resources
  • Allowing for innovative instructional strategies that provide an environment for creativity and engagement
  • Increasing student engagement through individualization
  • Providing ongoing professional development opportunities