District On Call Security Personnel


District Security personnel are on call as needed and are responsible for ensuring a positive and safe campus atmosphere at school sponsored events (i.e. athletic events, after school events).  Previous security experience is PREFERRED but not a must.  Potential candidates must have a valid driver's license and be able to be mobile and stand for extended periods of time.  Essential job responsibilities include:
  • maintain a positive presence at athletic events and after school programs
  • develop positive relationships with community members
  • monitor crowds at athletic and after school events held on campus
  • detect, investigate, and report unauthorized or suspicious persons, vehicles, and/or activities
  • escort officials off the fields/gymnasium after events
  • maintain order in the hallways of the school buildings during athletic and after school events
  • ensure that building doors are locked during events and no doors are "propped open" during events
  • remain on site at the building assigned until all program visitors have departed, including the visiting team
  • address issues appropriately with audience members at all events
  • maintain communication with district athletic director, security director, and building administrators as needed
  • perform other duties as assigned